1561 Alum Creek Dr    Columbus, OH 43209
(614) 252-0974

Date: April 6, 2020

Thursday, April 2, Governor Mike DeWine extended Ohio’s Stay at Home Order until May 1.

The governor emphasized individuals and employers need to “take any and all additional steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19…. while trying to balance safety with the ability to make a living and sustain the economy”.

Eastway Supplies is considered an essential and open for business serving our loyal customers.

As a reminder, to protect the health and safety of all customers and employees, Eastway Supplies will continue the below procedures for all counter pick-up and 24-hour emergency orders and the showroom.

  • orders must be called or emailed to the counter or your salesperson
  • your name and cell number will be included on the order
  • orders will be pulled and ready within an hour
  • when you arrive at Eastway, please contact 740-603-1203 or 614-607-3425
  • material will then be delivered to you in the parking lot at your vehicle
  • at this time, we will only accept orders on account and/or by credit card
  • the showroom will be closed to all walk-in business

Orders called in/entered for pick-up will be managed by:
Donnie Moore 740-603-1203
Jim Brizendine 614-607-3425

24-hour emergency orders: 614-989-4297

Showroom: Rhonda Langford 614-252-0974

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Thank you